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Petite Blueberry Brooch


Our Petite Blueberry brooch is a delightful fusion of nature's beauty and artistic craftsmanship. It is intricately cast in bronze, with a hand-patinated green finish accented by deep blue glass blueberries, capturing the enduring charm of these tiny, wild treasures.

Wild blueberries, scientifically known as Vaccinium angustifolium, are gems of nature that thrive in unspoiled natural landscapes. These tiny, deep blue berries are celebrated for their exquisite flavor and health benefits. They often grow in acidic soils in regions with cold climates, such as the northern United States, Canada, and certain parts of Europe.

The Petite Blueberry collection is a tribute to the beauty of these wild treasures. Each piece is meticulously cast in bronze and hand patinated to achieve a captivating green patina that reflects the green leaves of the wild blueberries. The deep blue glass berries that adorn each piece in the collection capture the blueberry's distinctive, dainty appearance.

Materials: The leaves and twigs of the Petite Blueberry brooch are cast in green hand patinated bronze. The brooch is accented with deep blue cast glass berries. 


Petite Blueberry Brooch